Thursday, November 18, 2010

Randomness: How far should you go for a Convention Costume?

I am going to try something different tonight. I normally only post reviews but a question has popped into my mind that I would truly like an answer too. When you are going to a "insert nerdy passion" convention, there is normally a time and place to dress up. I was just in this situation last weekend but I chickened out and stayed in my T-shirt. Main reason for this is because I feel like an idiot dressing up, but seeing so many people dressed as favorite book characters made me want to join in the fun. The dire question is... What is the fun part of playing dress up?
We have all seen the pictures from Comic-Con of dozens of Darth Vaders and Klingons running around. I just don't know if that is going too far. Klingon makeup has to be expensive! But the people who fly from around the world to show off the time and skill it took to look exactly like the characters they cherish inspire me. To have that kind of passion and not let the cat calls of nerd or geek bother them shows how much pride they have in their personal interests. But who really wants to walk around all day wearing 20 lbs of pour clogging goop!
My idea for a costume would be, I hope, a little more practical and a lot less stress on my pours. It involves a Victorian dress and what will most likely be a painfully tight corset and bustle. Without give too much away, it will also include a horribly ugly hat! The idea seems simple enough until you start looking into the price of purchasing these pieces of clothing. Oh my gosh! It is amazing how much someone will try to charge for pieces of cloth! It reminds me of going to one of the chain Halloween stores to purchase your costume and getting a few scraps of cotton held together by Velcro for $80. I am praying that the Victorian dress sellers have higher quality products but I have my doubts. Being a cheap skate makes me realize that creating the costume is suppose to be the fun part of the whole extravaganza. Where is the excitement in buying a ready made costume off a store shelf? I may not be an expert embroider but mom could give me a few pointers from her High School Home Ec class and maybe even find the sewing machine that is buried in the shed!
I spoke to people who had created their costume last weekend and they seemed so excited to show off what they had done even if it wasn't the fanciest at the party. The pride in their work seemed to glow from their expressions. Their joy is what made me want to join in the fun. Those who purchased their costumes seemed to be having a good time too. The costume ball turned into an outlet for all those who wanted to show their favorite authors who the books changed the reader's lives. And yes, silly vampire books can change someones life even if it is fantasy.
I am not sure if I will buy my costume out of laziness or if I will make it myself just to see if I can! It will most likely be a little bit of both, but one thing is for sure. I will be dressed up at the next gathering that gives me an opportunity to show off my new digs and I will most likely be embarrassed. That is just the way I am!

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