Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Book Review: The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson

The girl who played with fire by Stieg Larsson is installment number two in the Millennium Series. Anyone who has read The girl with a dragon tattoo knows to expect twist and turns like you find on a mountainous back country road but Larsson out did him self with this story. The same characters are present and it seems Lisbeth has found herself in a pickle and is the the number one suspect for three murders on one night. It seems that she has been a busy girl! Mikael takes position to be her knight in shining armor by trying to prove that she did not kill victims and figuring out who the true culprit is. One thing has stayed the same and the main characters soon find themselves in deep water and mortal peril.

I may have jumped on the Larsson bandwagon a little late but it is easy to tell how these books became international best sellers and are going to be a future Hollywood goldmine. The story is intense, keeping you up way to late because you want to read just one more chapter. The violence is raw but the revenge issued leaves a justified sweet taste for your senses. Lisbeth is odd compared to the majority of the population but you grow to love her for her quirks and the moral standing she does not falter from. Mikael is the typical guy next door trying in every way to do the right thing and sometimes messing up the situations with his good intentions. The relationship between the two main characters has grown disconnected due to fear of emotional attachment which I believe every reader can comprehend. Watching one character run and the other slowly pull them back in makes me feel that these characters could live down the road or in this case, across the ocean in Sweden. When things seem to be too outrageous to believe a local reason is always given.

The phenomenal story of how Larsson planned and wrote this amazing series and then suddenly died before seeing his master plan brought into reality is devastating. I wish he could of had more time to finish what I believe would have been a masterpiece series with ten installments but we have been given three wonderful books to peak our imagination. I am some what worried how book three will be closed off and what cliff hangers will remain unanswered but that will not stop me from continuing this intense thriller to the end as we will know it. I give The girl who played with Fire four and a half out of Five stars.

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  1. Good call Jaime! Four out of five for sure. The first story had the “This could happen next door” feel and this next one took it to a completely different level. I didn't much care for the new characters but mostly because I loved my old ones so much more. But I picked up every bread crumb Larsson left me and I thought the antagonist were so much fun! Paranoid Blond Hulk anyone? After pg 150 the hook was so deep in me that I wasn't going to put it down either. Nice review Jersey Girl.

    And by the way, I found it a little insensitive you think about his death and say “Damn it all! I wanted him to entertain me!” Won't someone please think of the children. And not only that I'm pretty sure this is the only thing to come out of Sweden since they made that army knife with the scissors. Before that is was chocolate.... true story.