Monday, July 5, 2010

Book Review: Lover Mine by J.R. Ward

Where can I begin when it comes to the Black Dagger Brotherhood? I am having an on going love affair with the Brothers that is not so secret. I have been known to look at pimped out Escalades and wonder why V and Butch are out during the day. Anyone with a mohawk are instantly compared to Rhev and I refer to John Matthew, Quinn and Blay as our boys and comment on how they grow up so fast. I admit that I am an addict and the WARDen is my dealer. With that being said, I will do my best to give a non bias review on the latest chapter in the BDB saga, Lover Mine.

Lover Mine by J.R. Ward is the 8th installment in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. For those who are not familiar with the series, the Black Dagger Brotherhood is a group of warriors whose one mission is to protect the vampire society who have been living in the shadows for centuries. Vampires have been villianized in human culture as murders when in reality they are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters who only want to live their lives in peace. The Brothers, bred through the centuries for their one purpose, protect the civilians and the King, live their long lives removing the threats to society while keeping their existence a secret from the humans.

In this installment we look further into the mind of John Mathew. The story picks up approximately four weeks after the events of Lover Avenged. The war with the Lesser Society is growing more difficult now that the Son of the Omega has been found and it just happens that Johnny boy has a personal grudge against the son of evil. 

As with the previous books in the series, Lover Mine is filled with action, drama, and pieces of the overall puzzle that creates who the Brothers were and who they will become. We are given many of the puzzles pieces within this story that helps the readers understand why each brother is the way they are. I think one of the most important pieces given helps explain the bond between Tohr and John and why John has always been drawn to Xhex. The mood of the story is depressing with breadcrumbs of hope thrown in at places. The world of the Brothers is filled with death and war but it is seen that if they support each other, happiness can be found for the warriors.

I largest complaint I have heard about this series is the writing. J.R. Ward does not write in a classic literary style. That is obvious in the first page of any of her novels. I feel that her style is best described as Modern Urban. Her words reflect how the characters think. These are men who have been to hell and back to protect what they feel is sacred. They speak and think in an urban tone and the books would not work if she had written them in proper English. It does take a bit to get use to the writing style but once you do, it feels as if you are one with the characters which is the mission of an author in the first place.

Overall, I loved John Matthew's addition to the Black Dagger Brotherhood. He has been one of my favorite characters since Bella brought him into our world. It pains me to see all the pain he has dealt with in his life but it makes me overjoyed that he found the brothers and can live the life he was meant to have. Each character has been given a personal pain that they must deal with. Together, they cope and move on from their past to live a life with happiness. Some of the characters are still in the process of coping but just like in the real world, progress takes time and will not happen overnight, or in this case within one book. A reader is drawn in to care about the characters of this world which is main reason I feel the WARDen has so many faithful followers. I give Lover Mine by J.R. Ward 4 out of 5 Stars.

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