Sunday, June 27, 2010

Book Review: Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris

Sorry for the gap in my reviews. Between work and school any free time I have is used to catch my breath. I will work on not letting a month go by between book reviews again.

This review is on Dead in the Family, the tenth book in the Sookie Stackhouse series. There will be Series spoiler in this review but there will not be Book spoilers. If you are not caught up in the series I would suggest waiting to read this post.

Ah, Sookie... where should we start. Ms. Stackhouse has found herself in a perdicament once again. For a normal Southern Waitress, well except for the reading minds thing, she has a knack for attracting trouble. It seems that every paranormal group wants something from her. In this book we have visits from the Fae, Werewolves, Shifters, and some of our favorite Vampires. Not all of our visitors have the Sookie's safety in mind.

One major development that has been revealed is Sookie has finally made her mind up on who she wants to be her knight in shinning armor. There will be many shippers out there who are not happy with development. But with so many yummy choices we couldn't all be happy. Personally, I had a limb on a few of those ships. Unfortunately, like in real life, the happy ever after does not seem to be in the near future. Poor Sookie is even having doubts about her love and the relationship as a whole. That is one reason why I think the series has such a strong following. The main characters may be fictitious and even supernatural but they have the same issues that the rest of us do. Looks like no one is safe from the real world, even our favorite literary characters.

The book as a whole left me wanting. If felt more like a filler for the grand finale, which, as of now, will be three more books. With a series as long as this one, it is logical that not all the books will have the same punch hiding in between the cover as our individual favorites so I try not to hold that against the newest edition but I am so in love with the world that Harris has created that I wanted to be drawn in and never have to leave. This book did not give me that feeling. I am hoping that the developments given within this storyline are setting up for a whammy of intrigue in the next few books. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until next May to find out what is going to happen to poor Sookie next.

I gave Dead in the Family 3 stars. I liked the book but not with the love and desire I have for a number of the earlier books in the series.

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  1. I totally agree, there was something lacking in the book. I think CH might need to wrap this series up soon before it "jumps the shark," so to speak.